Milkmen Moo-ve Closer to Sweeping Fargo

by Marketing ROC

Milkmen Moo-ve Closer to Sweeping Fargo

by Hannah McIlree

Franklin, WI. —

The Milwaukee Milkmen continued their hot offensive streak, capitalizing off walks and home runs.

For the fourth straight game in a row, the Milkmen gave up a first inning home run, this time to Leobaldo Pina setting up the Redhawks one to nothing.

Tony Roselli responded to Pina’s home run in the bottom of the second with one of his own, extending his home run streak to three games.

Leading off the bottom of the fourth inning was Adam Brett Walker II who started a rally with a single. Christian Correa singled, and Aaron Hill hit an RBI giving Milwaukee the lead. Next, Trey Martin hit an RBI double sending in Correa and Hill. Anibal Sierra kept it going, hitting a bomb that just missed the scoreboard, extending the lead to five runs.

The RedHawks were not going to admit defeat. Kevin Krause came to the plate and hit a two run homer of his own making to score 6-3 Milkmen.

Milwaukee’s offense continued to dominate into the bottom of the fifth inning, featuring Walker II hitting his 15th home run of the season. 

“Just trying to get a good pitch to hit and hit it hard, don’t strike out,” said Walker II.

Corelle Prime came up to bat and hit a no doubt home run all the way into the Milkyway Drive-in parking lot to lead off the top of the sixth.

Liam Scafariello made it to first base on a walk to start off the bottom of the sixth, Vertigan made it on base hitting a single up the middle. Logan Trowbridge then hit the ball off the wall tripling, and made his way home after an over throw to home on the same play. 

Starter David Holmberg began to show fatigue in the top of the seventh inning allowing back to back singles and giving up a walk. Krause then hit an RBI double, resulting in a pitching change, reliever Ryan Dunne took his place. Pina stayed hot, knocking in two of his teammates, another run scored after a fielder’s choice, the inning ended 10-9 Milkmen.

Fargo’s pitching change proved to be the wrong choice, Michael Hope walked the first three batters and gave up a single, his only saving grace was Martin misreading a pitch and being picked off at second.  Hope returned to the bullpen and was replaced by Ryan Flores, who hit Trowbridge with his first pitch and scored Rosselli. 

Alex Boxwell struck late in the eighth inning hitting his first home run of the year, leaving the RedHawks down by one. 


The Milkmen and the RedHawks will face off again Sunday at 1:00 pm.