by Marketing ROC

A “Show and Go” day is when a team skips batting practice and plays the game. This is done when the weather gets very hot and humid, or when bats are getting heavy for a team. Well, Sunday was “Show and Go” for the Milkmen…and defeated the Southern Division Leaders 9-3. 

Once again the game started out as a scoreless duel, and this time it was Milkman Jordan Kraus. Kraus pitched a full 7 innings giving up only 2 runs. Jordan pitched the third very strong game by Milkmen Pitchers, however, the team was only able to record one win in the series. Most important, the team split the 6 game road trip coming home with 3 wins and 3 losses. 

The Milkmen put up four big runs in the 4th inning, which was led by two run homeruns by Manny Boscan and Jose Rosario. This was the first time against Cleburne that the Milkmen took an early lead. Also coming up big on offense was Riley Pittman, Adam Walker as well as Boscan who all had two hits. Boscan, Rosario and Walker produced two Runs Batted In. 

This game took under 3 hours (2:58 to be exact), so the team was happy to be getting an early departure for MKE. The trip to MKE was estimated to take approximately 15-16 hours. The All Star players (Boscan, House, Smith and Ventura) were on their way to St Paul to participate in the Annual All star Game which will be played on Tuesday. The Milkmen return to the diamond on Wednesday in Chicago with the Chicago Dogs. 

The Milkmen appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at Routine Field.