Milkmen Clean-Up Canaries in 8-3 Victory

by Marketing ROC

Milkmen Clean-Up Canaries in 8-3 Victory

By Hannah McIlree 

Franklin, WI –  The Milkmen clean-up the Canaries with help from a David Washington home run and a diving catch from Trey Martin (shown below).

The Sioux fall Canaries reached home plate first in Wednesday’s match up. Angelo Altivilla led off with a single, and Cade Gotta sent one over Vertigans head for a triple making the score 1-0 Canaries in the top of the first.

Another run scored for the Canaries in the top of the second inning after a triple, and an RBI single from Altavilla. Milkmen starter Myles Smith regained his control and ended the inning 2-0 Canaries. 

Trey Martin was the first Milkmen to reach base, in the bottom of the second inning. Martin hit a single up the middle then, during a wild pick-off attempt he was able to make it to third base. Christian Correa’s elbow guard served its purpose after a wild pitch from Ty Culbreth, next Aaron Hill rifled one that would score Martin, closing the lead to one run.

"I just try to get a good pitch to hit, if not wait till I get it. If they walk me, they walk me, if I get the pitch I try to put my best swing on it," said Martin

Culbreth hit his second batter of the night, Logan Trowbridge, who then stole second base. Next, Washington put one over the fence to take the lead.

"At that point in the game we were kind of grinding, Myles did a really good job pitching, keeping us right there and it felt really go to get us ahead there," said Washington.

The Milkmen put a few more security runs on the board in the bottom of the fifth inning after back to back singles from Vertigan and Trowbridge, followed by an RBI double from Adam Brett Walker II. Washington followed and hit a double of his own, scoring Trowbridge and Walker II. Milwaukee picked up their fourth run of the inning off a sac fly from Martin and extended the lead to 7-2 Milkmen. 

Sioux Falls was able to sneak in one more run in the top of the ninth inning. Closer Zach Hartman gave up two singles, but prepared to make his way through the inning unscathed. However, the could be strike three for the second out was called a ball, allowing Jordan Ebert to bat into a fielder’s choice RBI. This caused outrage in the dug out and Dan Runzler, Ryan Kushmall and Matt Solter were ejected from the game. No runs would score for the rest of the inning and the game ended 8-3 Milkmen.

The Milkmen face of against the Canaries Friday at 6:35 for their final game of the series.